Checking files & directories in your Bash script

A quick reminder of the test flags you can use in your bash script to check files before you use them.

Indrops config 2

Indrops config 2 An example for running the OneCellPipe pipeline of OneCellBio with a pre-defined configuration file for sequencing runs with a single part, and a single library. Files: R1.fastq.gz R2.fastq.gz Command line: nextflow…

Allow another user to connect to my EC2 cloud machine

A way to allow a friend to help you with your Amazon EC2 cloud machine.

Onecellpipe processes execution timeline

Onecellpipe processes execution timeline Elapsed time: 13m 44s

Running the OneCellPipe software in the Amazon cloud

Running the OneCellPipe software in the Amazon cloud This is a sub-page of the multi-page documentation for the OneCellPipe pipeline of OneCellBio. Here are more detailed instruction for running OneCellPipe on an single machine in the…