Running the OneCellPipe software on your own machine

Running the OneCellPipe software on your own machine

This is a sub-page of the multi-page documentation for the OneCellPipe pipeline of OneCellBio.

Here are more detailed instruction for installing and running OneCellPipe on your own machine. For a Linux Ubuntu system you can follow the steps below, for other systems, please adjust the commands accordingly or run the software on a virtual machine system.

We are assuming you have sudo rights (administrator privileges) on the system.
Please adjust accordingly if you are using a different flavor of a Unix-based operating system!

Part 1: Installing the software

Install required libraries with a few easy steps.

Part 2: Run the test pipeline

Use the sample data provided to test that everything is working.

Part 3: Process your own data

Point the pipeline to your own directory of FASTA files:

nextflow --dir run1-fasta-files