Create BigWig files with DeepTools

To display data as bar graphs along the genome e.g. in the UCSC genome browser, you can create BigWig files. DeepTools is a powerful library that can also help with…

Allow others to upload data to your Amazon S3 bucket

A summary of how to share Amazon cloud storage (S3 bucket) with a co-worker, allowing them to share data with you.

aCGH array QC measures

arrayCGH or matrixCGH measures changes in the amount of genomic material. Here are some criteria used when assessing the results of these microarrays experiments.

GAL file format

Information about the format of GenePix Array List (GAL) files which are text files with specific information about the location, size, and name of each DNA spot on a microarray.

Command-line NGS data munging

Notes about working with fasta / fastq files on the Unix command line.